Damian Płaza

(Problem) Solver
(Aspiring Sociotechnical) Architect
(Senior) Software Engineer
at Volue

Who am I?

You can be anything you want to be
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be
Be free with your tempo, be free, be free
Surrender your ego, be free, be free to yourself

-- Freddie Mercury, "Innuendo"

Those lines are lyrics from masterpiece of Queen band - "Innuendo" song. They remind me that we can shape ourselves into a variety of possibilities, and polymorphism of each individual is the real thing.

That's why I can't really define "myself", but I really like the idea of a "problem solver".

When a theory is needed, create one.
When pragmatism is needed, get hands-on.

Almost like a spinning coin, you can see both sides, and none of them is "better" one.

Aaaaand...I don't feel enough inspiration to put some more words here so I'll leave it for later. if you want to get to know me, please reach me on twitter ;-)